Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Confident, solid, smooth and particular – Land Cruiser Prado is made to deal with the hardest challenges in real style.

Bragging intense, contemporary and head turning style and with a plenitude of intelligent features, land cruiser makes them extraordinary common luxuries to help ensure you’ll always reach your destination safe, relaxed and refreshed.

This land cruiser is furnished with a large suite of Toyota’s improved off road technologies to help you stay in control on the most treacherous and demanding terrains.

The inside keeps on convey a Lexus like feeling, with a roomy and spacious cabin that doesn’t hold back out on head, shoulder and enough space for the leg rest, at least for the initial two rows of travelers. The first and second columns are agreeable and simple to get in and out of, in the wake of arranging the high step on height. The second-row seat folds down and can be part 60/40 for different luggage pulling choices. It is the discretionary third row, found in the highest point of-the-range Prado, that is a bother to manage, with it, the Prado can accommodate a headcount of 8. Be that as it may, the last three who get relegated to the third column need to deal cramped quarters and gazing at their own knees. Luggage space is large enough with the third line out of the way, however space is really cute down with it being used. In any event the available back air conditioning conveys some fresh air to the suffering third row of the passengers.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a perfect choice for those who need luxury and capability in some restraint. It is a super-smooth cruiser road and can go anywhere rough roads. It has everything expected of a Toyota.