Akagera National Park

Welcome to Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera is a wildlife park found in the northeastern part of the country along the Rwandan border with Tanzania. The park got its name from the Kagera River which flows along its boundary in the eats that feeds into several lakes the largest of which is Lake Ihema. The park is the second most visited national park in the country and a little piece of wildlife heaven in the far eastern corner of the country. The park is dominated by swamps and small lakes that are filled with of water of Akagera River.

The park was established in 1934 to protect vegetation and wildlife, it’s also believed that the park is Africa’s biggest protected wetland. During its establishment it was covering an area of 2,500 square kilometers, however, it was reduced to about 1200 square kilometer, and most of its parkland was reallocated to refugees returning to the country after the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Before 1997, thousands of refugees coming back in the country had settled in the parkland and the conservation area was harmed by cultivation and poaching.

In 2009, Rwanda Development Boards (RDB) and Africa Parks consented to joint management in which the Akagera management company was set up to enable the two bodies to manage the park. Akagera Management Company is responsible for daily management of the park and monitoring activities and animals in the park.

Game Drive in the Park

The main tourist activity done in Akagera National Park are the game drives and each game drive holds a full new astonishment as nature reveals its treasures in the form of wonder that is so amazing, the park is believed to be home to different wildlife like antelopes, buffalos, giraffes, topis, civets, hyenas, leopards, different bird species and others. Game drives in the park is mostly done in the morning afternoon or at night, and this is when you set out with a guide or ranger who will be there just to drive you and even explain characters of every animal you will come across, you should not forget your cameras ready and drive in the park for about 2 – 4hours searching for different animals in the park.

As you on the game drive in the park it’s strongly advisable to stay in the vehicle unless the guide sees that it’s safe for you to get out taking a look of nature and even getting some good photos when you in the African wilderness. In case you going for a longer game drive like for around 4 -7 hours it’s advisable that you take simple snacks and enough drinking water.

Giraffes – Akagera National Park

About the Nocturnal, the night game drives in Akagera National Park are so exciting since you experience out with a spotlight to see night animals in the park. For the night game drive the case is not the same as during the day since at night, there is a high chance to see the predators prowl as they look for prey. Among the animals you will see during night game drive include lions, leopards, civets, several cars, the hyenas, birds and also the bush babies with their huge eyes. The night game drive usually takes about 2 hours and surely give you a different view altogether and its booked in advance.

Boat safaris on Lake Ihema

Boat cruise in Akagera National Park is another interesting and amazing tourist activity done in the park, the activity is done on Lake Ihema which is believed host the largest number of Hippos in East Africa and still, you will be able to sight crocodiles on the lake and variety of water birds. Among other animals, you will be able to watch elephants, buffaloes, Jackson hartebeest and others.

Birding in the park

The park being home to over 520 different species of birds this make it a perfect and a must-visit destination for any bird lover. a birding tour to Akagera national park will always be memorable due to the variety of birds you will be able to see here ranging from savannah to tropical forest and water as well as the migratory bird species many others are endemic to the park. For example the rare papyrus gonolex, there are likewise the swamp flycatchers, the red-faced barbets and also the rare shoebill stork all can be spotted in this park.

Fishing in Lake Shakani

Other act ivies done in the park include sport fishing is one of the amazing activities done along the shores of Lake Shakani, and here you will get a chance to hear and hear the snorts of hippos and also the cry of water plus the sound of fish in the water. Here you will also get a great opportunity to feel the real African wilderness.