What make Hire Cars Rwanda the Best Car Rental Agency in Rwanda

Our main purposes at Hire Cars Rwanda are to give dependable, trusted services to travelers or for anyone who has their own car in the repair shop and needs a transitory vehicle to use. We rent vehicles on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis.

Hire Cars Rwanda is among the prime local car rental agencies in Rwanda with Offices close to Kigali International Airport this allows us to offer a cheap and easy airport pick up and transfer, once you book a vehicle with us, to have it delivered at the airport during your arrival date is easy.

Amongst the most critical considerations, besides the type of vehicle being rented is the optional insurance coverage, this is quite expensive will cover any damages while the car is in the client’s possession. Mainly, it is not in insurance, the client might be considered fiscally in charge of any damages that happen while the car is in their ownership. While on the road, anything can happen, from the smallest minor accident to a scratched door or even worse, when life’s surprising events happen, insurance coverage is frequently the only link between minimal out-of-pocket costs or monetary ruin.

Age limitation is another important factor we considered when hiring vehicles at Hire Cars Rwanda and the client to hire a car room us need to be 18 years and above and he/she must have a valid driving permit. After choosing the car to hire and agreeing with our terms and conditions, we will give you a written agreement which must be signed and dated by the client.

Another important is about the credit card; the credit card is used only to hold the reservation and is not actually charged until the rental period terminates or as determined in the rental agreement. At the time that the vehicle is returned, the client will have the option of either having his/her credit card charged or paying in cash. Despite the last payment methods, however, clients are required to give a credit card before taking ownership of the car as an affirmation that the rental company will get paid.

In some car rental agencies in the country, there are mileage limits which is not the case in Hire Cars Rwanda and we always make sure that we give you the care when it is washed and when it is a full tank and we expect it to return it when it if full tank even if it is not washed because you may not get that time.