Popular Cars for Self Drive Rental in Rwanda

Self-drive tours have become the most famous in Rwanda today due to the availability of distinct tourist attractions which include among others its stunning protected areas, cultural and historical sites and this makes it one of the excellent safari destinations in Africa. Whereas guided tours have become popular today, most travelers have also been sighted opting for self-drive safaris in Rwanda. This has led to the development of many car rental companies in Uganda and Rwanda as these are 2 neighboring countries, and most clients combine both destinations on the same tour. For the most memorable self-drive safari experiences in Rwanda, we have provides a list of amazing cars below and we believe you have a choice to make for you to make your dreams come true in Africa;

Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado for Self Drive

This is exceptionally one of the best cars that you should consider renting for self-drive safaris in the Land of a Thousand Hills. The Land Cruiser Prado is a 4×4 and features 5 doors seats and it accommodates about five visitors and it comes with adequate space for your cargo and camping gear.

This type of car also features a pop-up roof which allows visitors to catch a glimpse of wildlife species and the surrounding areas and also take clear pictures while on a game safari in Rwanda’s most stunning Akagera National Park. They can be found in Kigali for you to hire to make your dreams while on self-drive tours. The key Land Cruisers that are available for hire in Rwanda include the Prado TX, GX, TZ, and three-liter Turbo. Depending on the Car Rental Company that will you be dealing with as well as the season, the cost of hiring Toyota Prado Cars for tours ranges from $60 to $100 per day. At times, there are some discounts that are given for visitors who hire cars for a longer period of time or during low season.

There is also Toyota Land Cruiser which comes in jeep, diesel, freezer, charging system, and accommodates about 7 visitors, adequate room for cargo making it one of the best self-drive vehicles that you should consider hiring for your vacation in Rwanda.

Toyota Hiace Van

Toyota Hiace Van – Customized for Game Drive

If you are searching for reliable and pocket-friendly car hire for self-drive in Rwanda, then consider Toyota Hierce Van a must for you to use during your vacation in the Land of a Thousand Hills. This type of car is air-conditioned, full time 4wd and it is best whether you are interested in self-drive or guided tours. You can access one in Kigali Rwanda or Kampala Uganda. Others include the super customs or minibus for visitors who are planning for group tours in Rwanda. These vehicles can accommodate up to 14 visitors comfortably and they also have adequate space for cargo packing. These categories come in automatic and manual transmission, a pop-up roof for you to enjoy the views of the surrounding areas of Rwanda.

Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4 for Hire on self-drive

Toyota Rav4 cars are some of the few excellent compact SUVs that are worth hiring for self-drive tours in Rwanda and Uganda. They come mostly in manual and automatic transmissions and whether 3 or 5 doors. The engine is a 1990cc and does well despite weather conditions. It features low maintenance costs and has the best fuel mileage. Once its rear seats have been folded more space is created for cargo packing even twice its size. This type of car is best for couples but it carries from 4 to 5 visitors and can be rented at a pocket-friendly price from US$45 per day without a driver. This 4wheel is best for wildlife tours and many more tours in Rwanda. There are both old and new models for you to rent and make your dreams come true in Africa. You can also decide to hire it and drive it yourself or hire a car plus a driver.

In conclusion, when it comes to self-drive tours in Rwanda, we offer a wide range of cars for visitors to hire at a pocket-friendly cost. With the above-listed vehicles, we believe that you will have the best option to make your dreams come true while you are on your safari in Africa. Simply contact our receptionist and we shall be there to help you make the best choice for your self-drive tours in the Land of a Thousand Hills.