Africa Safari: See King Kong in Natural Habitat

Many people out there are looking for opportunities for having exciting and adventurous tours around the world. African wildlife safari is the best option for having fun and discovering new things in the world on this dark continent (Africa).

You won’t be the first person to take an African safari since there are very many people who have come to Africa for holidays and have had unforgettable experiences. Africa is the home of natural beauties that is not easily be seen anywhere in the world. You can witness the latter by hitting the internet and look at the remarks people have given on taking an African safari.

Africa Safari Overview

Africa Safari Overview

There are many African tours that are incredible but taking a gorilla safari is way out of this world. Gorilla safaris are only found in Rwanda and Uganda. These are the only two countries that enable one to come up close with King Kong in its natural setting, many of you that have seen in TV movies. As the matter of fact, those gorillas you see in movies are friction or virtual, mountain gorillas are only found in Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park), Uganda (Mgahinga National Park / Bwindi Impenetrable Forest), and The Democratic Republic of Congo (Virunga National Park).

Virunga View - Volcanoes National Park

Virunga View – Volcanoes National Park

It is through planning a safari into the heart of Africa where one encounters the elusive mountain gorillas. These animals are found in volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga national parks in Uganda. These are the only homes of the habituated gorillas that can easily be watched by the people. Volcanoes national park in Rwanda currently has 10 habituated families of gorillas, Bwindi impenetrable national park has 14 habituated gorilla and Mgahinga national park has one family known as Nyakagezi. But all those offer the same experiences as all the gorillas in the national parks are found in their natural environment.

Silverback Gorilla - king Kong in Africa

Silverback Gorilla – African King Kong

Mountain gorillas in their natural environment offer one the best observation of man’s evolution from the apes. Mountain gorillas normally live in a group of 8-20 members but on rare occasions, they can also be over 30 gorillas in one home steady. These mountain gorillas are so organized in their family setting in that the male silverback takes over the fatherly role as the leader and the breadwinner of other gorillas as it meditates the movements of the group to their feeding camps and also protects its family in case of any conflicts within the family and out of it. The male gorilla normally has three females that are permanently attached to it and these are recognized by other members of the groups as the mothers of the family.

Baby Gorillas in the Jungle

Baby Gorillas in the Jungle

To observe this one has to take a gorilla safari either in Uganda or Rwanda or one can track in both countries as there are so many tour package waiting for one to take and have a lifetime experience. These tour packages are so affordable and exclusive to only a person who is willing to take the gorilla safari. The quote for each package depends on the number of people, the number of days, accommodation options, and the number of tour activities to undertake, for instance, a 3-day gorilla safari in Rwanda for 2 people will cost about US$1300 per person in budget accommodation and it includes a gorilla permit of US$750, private transport from Kigali and back, a full-time tour driver (English, Germany or French-speaking), 2-night accommodation, golden monkey tracking, and Kigali city tour.