Tchegera Island Congo

If you are looking for the most spectacular sites to chill out in your next vacation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) then look no further than the Tchegera Island. For travelers on safari to DR Congo, there is more for you to enjoy than just mountain gorillas. Tchegera Island features among the very few most stunning, tiny site that stands within Lake Kivu. This is accessible by boat ride off Goma.

This outstanding Island is located in the northern shore of Lake Kivu while its camp straddles comes with remarkable views of the Lake and 4 volcanoes. At night, you will have clear views of Mount Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira which complete on visitors dramatic experiences. The views of the Volcano Mountains are just incredible on its own way. The Island is remarkably the best spot for one to chill out while on you are on safari to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Tchegera Island also offers visitors a chance to spot out most of its incredible birdlife and lizards. The prominent bird species to sight in this island include herons, gulls, African eagles, cormorants and many others. You can either choose to chill out on the beach area or embark on other sides of the Island to a sea Kayak or by paddle board. The island is exceptionally incredible on its own way. It’s surrounding is greenish.

A trip to the Tchegera Island is amazingly the best way for one to get out of the usual environment while on vacation in Virunga National Park. Being a tiny Island, expect not more to do but lots of relaxation, chilling and exploration as this is the best spot for visitor to enjoy getaway experiences. You can decide to take a walk in and around the island or paddle through the island and you will be refreshed with breathtaking experiences. This horseshoe like island may not feature among the leading tourist attractions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as it is a case with most of the forested hills in the Virunga National Park but a visit to it guarantees travelers with best getaway experiences that they deserve in life while on vacation in Africa.

If you are planning to undertake hiking adventures in steep mountain areas in Virunga National Park, the Tchegera Island is such a spectacular site that shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list.

After your adventures at the park or in the island, you will spend a night at Tchegera Tented Camp which comes with various camps. The tents offer shade around midday and adequate during time for bed

In conclusion, Tchegera Island isn’t just for relaxation but amazing site for you to catch a glimpse of the butterflies, birds, wildlife and breathtaking views of the surrounding volcano mountains. If you are looking for spectacular sites that offer off the usual environment, Tchegera Island shouldn’t miss out in your travel plan.