Why you should avoid going self drive safari in Africa

In most countries, tourists don’t use tour companies. Their things are easy, direct and one can book and buy anything online and in most cases have a great time wherever I go. The same comes for organizing safaris particularly if you speak several languages. You can arrive in any city in Europe, have a vehicle booked and off you go on European Dream Holiday – here is the truth – you can’t do the same in some parts of Africa – it doesn’t work.

You may think you have reserved your lodge, get a gorilla permit, and when you arrive here in Rwanda for instance – you get a shrug of the shoulder and a sorry, yet you don’t have an African safari excursion as you thought, you have an empty dream.

We as of late dealt with a tourist from France who had however he had acquired gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits – he had sent to someone, now he couldn’t find the person he had wired money to – he lost USD3000.

Yes, you can get a driver who will promise to take you anywhere however you may end up at Murchison Falls Park rather than Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Yes, you can send an email directly to the lodge and get no answer or when you get an answer, a promise however when you appear there is no room for you. In most countries in Africa to book a room, you need to pay money in advance.

Self-drive safari – a recipe for problems – Try planning a self-drive safari and toward the day’s end you could end up in disappointments. You are clueless about where a specific lodge is situated in the national park.

The lodge being in Bwindi National Park does not mean that it is in a perfect location for you, you might book the lodge in the Nkuringo sector in Bwindi Forest when you have gorilla permits of Buhoma this means you will spend half of the night on the road driving to the starting point for gorilla trekking.

You will spend a lot of time on research – yet until you arrive at the lodge, you won’t know what the facility is really TripAdvisor can make it easy for you, however even it can get it wrong since what was once the best lodge in Africa is on its way down currently.

We keep updated with what is going on in Uganda and Rwanda and more often than not it works out simply right. So to avoid all the problems contact us and we provide you will all the necessary travel information.