Driving in Uganda with an International Permit

Driving In Uganda
From the dry northern part of the country to the ever green jungles of the south western part of the country there will never get short of amazing attractions and exotic destinations to organize self drive safaris. In Uganda, road transport is the main transportation system used and it has gradually developed over the years with the improvement on road network for easy connectivity between cities, towns and villages in country.

International Driving Permit
If you’re a foreign traveler or a non resident Ugandan willing to hire a self drive car and explore different interesting destinations in the country, all you need is an International Driving Permit.

Who needs a driving license in Uganda?
Before we do anything, we must know who really needs a driving permit in Uganda. If your to drive any type of vehicle in Uganda, you have to be with a either a Ugandan or an international driving permit, there are some countries where if you have a permit from that country you can be allowed to drive in Uganda. The minimum age for driving in Uganda is 15 for vehicles of 50cc and below and 18 for all other vehicles. The procedure of acquiring a driving permit in Uganda is the same to other countries. Before you start everything, you have to apply for a learner’s driving permit and take a practical and written exam in order to get a permanent permit for driving legally in Uganda.

Driving in Uganda with a Foreign Driving Permit
Like in most other countries, Uganda does not consider all the foreign driving permits valid, but if a traveler is coming from a country whose driving permit does not work in Uganda, he / she can apply for an international driving permit in his/her country. If you already in the country for a short period, yet you would like to drive, you can apply for an international driving permit and get a temporary permit and you get the real permit in your country.

Apply for a learner’s Permit
In case you don’t have an International Driving Permit, you can apply for a learner’s permit at your nearest Regional Transport Office. The learner’s permit is always issued in just one or two days after easy theoretical tests.

You have to put an ‘L’ sign at the rear and front of your car to help other drivers to understand that you still learning.

After obtaining a learner’s driving permit, you can apply for a permanent permit after 30 days.