Easy ways to stop a car safely after your brakes have failed

Many factors can cause to brake failure in the cars for example, when the brake pads are worn out, in the case when a lot of breaking fluid has been lost. It’s a frightening situation when you are on a drive and immediately sees a red light or an emergency suddenly and the next thing that comes to your mind is attempting to press the brake pedal in an instantly.

What would you do if you find yourself in such a situation when the brakes do not function as required? This unforeseen situation may prompt to a lethal or a frightening moment to the driver and also those accompanying them.

Here are some of the things to do in case you find yourself in a brake failure situation. Don’t panic follow these easy steps.

In case you find yourself the situation of brake failure, the first thing you should think about is downshifting. This implies bringing your vehicle into a lower gear. When downshifting, make sure gear lowing is done in stages so that the vehicle doesn’t skid. That is whether you are on high speed, for example in an automatic transmission vehicle, this will need you to shift from Drive (D) to 3, 2, then 1. This change of gears will make the vehicle reduce spend thus making it easier to stop. And in case of a manual transmission vehicle, for instance when you’re on the highway driving at 120km/hr, when you’re in gear five and you realize a brake failure, here you have to put pressure on the clutch paddle-shift the gear to 4 and you release the clutch and gas. Do the same till you see that the vehicle has reduced to low speed to stop easily.

Use the Parking Brake
The hand brakes can likewise be utilized in this situation of brake failure. For this situation, the braking won’t be quick to stop the vehicle as in case of the normal brakes yet more tolerance is required to see the impact of the parking brakes. These brakes have help in locking up the car tires if applied too quickly with the use of too much pressure.

Know the Surrounding Terrain
Use the surrounding terrain when it is the final option. This may help when the vehicle has reduced speed because at high speed it might be perilous. You may attempt to use the slopes that go up, driving on rock or dirt that might be located on the roadsides. These may help reduce the speed of the vehicle at some point.

Find the way out of the traffic
After doing your level best to reduce the speed of the vehicle, then try to find a way out of traffic. This reduces the odds of damaging other vehicles in the same lane. Drive off the outer lane in case you are on a busy street while at the same time using the turn signals.