Most important things you must have in your vehicle

There’s a colloquialism which could sum up everything about life: ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst’. This is applicable to all fields in our lives, including our vehicles. Suppose you’re anticipating a fun road trip in your personal vehicle. You’ve been organizing this excursion for a good period of time! On that day, you pack up whatever you need for the whole trip and off you go. After driving around 70km away, you realize that the vehicle is overheating just because you neglected to check the water levels. Thus wasting over 2 to 3 hours on the road side, desperately waiting for help. Your trip is destroyed. That is just any example of the numerous things that could turn out badly out and about. In this way, it is always vital that you be ready. The following are 10 fundamental things in vehicle you should always have.

First Aid Kit:
It’s better for every driver to know that the most important thing is your life, wellbeing and health. Hence, it is vital that you have a first aid kit, in case you or someone else get hurt anyhow or involve in any accident on the road. A simple first aid kit may contain: a pair of scissors (or razor blades), plasters in different shapes and sizes – large, medium and small, it should also have a good amount of cotton.

Spare Tyre:
There are innumerable circumstances that a driver encounters a punctured tyre on the road. Am sure most drivers have ever experience this because it’s a common problem and happen anytime. That is the reason it’s important to always have a spare tyre in the car and even to know how to put it on. There’s always a space provision in which you can fit an extra tire. It is always in the hatch or at the bottom of the car. In SUVs, it is at the back, always.

Jumper Cables:
This is another useful tool you should always have in your vehicle, it’s used to “Jump Start” an engine in case the battery runs out. The jumper cable has four terminals you connect them from your car battery to the terminals of another car’s (working) battery. In this your car will be getting power from the other battery and it will be easy for it to start and after starting, your battery will be able to charge and continue enjoying your drive. Particularly, this is applicable to petrol engines.

Service Kit:
A service kit sometimes called the repair kit is a set of tools used to repair a gadget, usually containing both tools and spare parts. It includes different sizes of spanners, screw drivers, duct tape, among others. This will be useful when you have to make a simple repair on your vehicle.

Fire Extinguisher:
I know what is on your mind now, in all your driving life, you never encountered fire. But as you know the car engine operates with much heat, you never know it could happen today, tomorrow or the other day from now. You can move small fire extinguisher to put out small flames that would otherwise spread and cause more damage.

Car Manual:
It’s always advisable to keep your car manual in the dash board. It indicates blueprints (pictures and illustrations) about everything in the vehicle. This can be useful if you need to fix something simple on the car, say a punctured tire, replacing head lamp bulb and others. It will show you how everything is done.

Thus, there you go. Move with all the above in your vehicle, at all time, and you can face any kind of problem on the road. They may not solve the problem completely but rather they’ll keep you on the road until you get a repair shop.

Most people think that the things take up a lot of space in the vehicle, however all the above things are small and can be fitted in a little box.