Packing List For Your Honeymoon Vacation In East Africa

The honeymoon is always a vital part of a wedding or marriage because it’s one of the ways of spending some “us” time with your partner to relieve stress (after the hectic planning for the wedding) but also taking time off to yourself to reflect on your marriage and how to spend life together. This is why you will need to have a memorable honeymoon and taking a vacation to East Africa will provide that and even more. However, having a vacation packing list and the right luggage will ensure that you plan ahead of time and have confidence in knowing that you have not left out anything important but also have a successful and unforgettable honeymoon.

It is however important to ensure that you pack items into different categories women’s items, men’s items, and items for both but don’t forget the principle of packing light because too much luggage means you will pay for extra luggage (most airlines charge for luggage exceeding 50 kilograms).

Money and Travel Documents

Just like most safaris in East Africa, tourists planning to go on a honeymoon vacation in Uganda, Kenya, or Tanzania are expected to carry travel documents and money. Therefore, you will need enough cash, an insurance card, an International Driver’s license, a pre-paid phone card, a copy of your marriage license, an Airline boarding pass and paper airline tickets, Traveler’s cheques and receipts, Photo Identification, passports, and Visas as well as a copy of your credit Card Emergency numbers among others.

Men’s wear and toiletries

Men on honeymoon vacation will need to carry long pants (which will be helpful during some activities), toiletries (like razors, deodorants, shaving cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, nail cutters, and comb or brush), casual shirts, tie, swimwear, Belts, light cotton socks, sunglasses and sunscreens, T-shirts, vests, a wide-brimmed hat (because of the strong sunshine experienced in Uganda and Kenya yet you will need to enjoy some activities during your honeymoon), boxers, strong hiking boots, and athletic shoes, rainjacket, Pajamas or night robes, Sandals or flip-flops, long-sleeved shirts (especially if you intend to go on gorilla trekking, nature walks, birding and Chimpanzee tracking during the honeymoon vacation), swimwear, pair/s of shorts and some workout clothes.


Some of the gadgets that should not miss on your packing list for a honeymoon vacation are cameras with enough memory and extra batteries, pair of binoculars (if you are planning to visit the National Parks), headphones for in-flight movies, chargers for your camera and cell phones, Electrical adapters for Uganda, IPod with some romantic music and many others.

Women’s wear, accessories, and toiletries

Women need to carry lingerie, rain jacket or travel umbrellas, slippers/Sandals, wraps or jackets for the cold mornings and evenings, sleepwear, swimsuit, toiletries (such as hair conditioner, Tweezers, shampoo, bathing and washing soap, face cleanser, deodorant, body and hand lotion, Razors and shaving cream, cotton balls or swabs, personal hygiene items, toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, dental floss, Tampons or Sanitary Pads, cosmetics, hair gel or spray, Nail clippers/cutter, hair dryers because most hotels or Safari Lodges in Uganda don’t provide them and anti-bacterial wipes), sunglasses and sunscreens, sun hut, heavy sweater, pants, light socks, waterproof hiking boots, skirts and shirts or tops, several dinner or evening dresses if you are planning to head out to some of the fancy restaurants in Uganda,

Medicines such as travel-sickness pills, anti-malarial drugs, anti-diarrheal drugs, Ibuprofen or Aspirin, and Antacid. Additionally, birth control or condoms are important if you are not yet ready to start a family immediately as some couples always forget them.

You will need travel Candles with a romantic scent and matches in addition to some scented massage oil.

Insect repellants are also ideal for any honeymoon vacation in Uganda because most areas in the country have mosquitoes.