Quick Tips for doing a Selfdrive Trip in Uganda

You might have done many successful road trip safaris across the world, but the case in Africa particularly Uganda is a different and many things change here. That is why we created this article for you to avoid disappointment while on a self drive trip in Uganda.

Kampala has a variety of excellent accommodations and they are perfectly spread across all tourist destinations. We offer car rental services and all important information you may need while on safari in Uganda.

In case you’re interested in taking a self drive trip to Uganda, it is recommended to at least hire a GPS and download tracks for Africa or Tomtom GPS has the most recent maps with clear navigation systems that don’t just show the main roads but also small roads are indicated.

Also you may need a road map to give additional information about the destinations and safari eye magazine is recommended because they have accurate map that would be helpful.

Earlier information from a travel agent whom you booked a vehicle with, feel free to ask them any question and I think sure they will be happy to help you. Still while on the trip like in the game park don’t hesitate to ask other tour guides as they may to the best choices of animal location, scenic routes, turn offs, dangerous road spots and many other.

You will need to have an international driving permit before you leave your home country, because you will need to show it to the travel agent before he give you the car and still traffic officers will need to see it at different check points.

If you’re going for a self drive trip to Uganda, It is also recommended to hire 4×4 cars because some of the roads going to tourist destinations in the country are in bad conditions and during the rainy season the roads are impassable. So don’t forget to ask the agent to give you a car with a working 4 wheel drive system.

Feel free to ask for assistance from the park entrances, signing in, paying, tourist activity permits, completing the permit, signing out all are done in different places. They are glad to offer assistance.

Some roads in the country are rough, the roughness that you may have ever see. The car moves like it is on ice, dust is all over, and you need to thoroughly focus on your driving without neglecting the speed limit of 40km/hr in national parks and 80km/hr on highways.

Police checkpoints are many they generally check for vehicle conditions and tires or third party insurance. Try not to groan or talk cruelly as they may look amicable to you.