Rental Cars Uganda & Driving in Uganda Tips

Uganda is a landlocked country found in eastern side of Africa surrounded by Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in Southwest, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and South Sudan in the north. Being among the most beautiful and attractive countries in Africa, self drive trip is exceptionally recommended if you are organizing a safari to Uganda, particularly when you’re travelling as a group to different national parks in the country.

Driving in Uganda is not something to be unnerved of, we have awesome roads (affirm we likewise have many small goat tracks and rough roads upcountry) but we have good highways which are easy to navigate.

There are various alternatives with regards to hiring a car in Uganda and in addition there various luxury car rental options for you to choose from. While renting a vehicle in Uganda is simple; take note of that the traffic laws in the country may somehow vary with those of your home country. In case you’re hoping to hire a vehicle in Uganda for self drive here is our guide and tips to enable you to settle on an informed decision.

Things you should know when you rent a car in Uganda
Hiring a car in Uganda, in certainty in any foreign country can be a little nerve wracking till you get your heading. Here are some of tips to kick you off and take some of that dread factor away. As these tips are not expected to be the complete list and are liable to change, make certain to ask the car rental agencies for the most recent information to ensure you stay across any new changes. You can remain fully informed regarding road conditions of the destination you going to visit.

In case you plan to hire a vehicle in Uganda in dry season, book it in advance like 1 to 2 month before because during those periods all company receive many visitors, you’ll need to secure the size and model perfectly for you.

One-way rental fees in Uganda
When hiring a vehicle in Uganda, be aware of one-way rental fees. Like, in case you to receive the vehicle from Entebbe International Airport and then return it to Kabale, then be ready to pay an extra fee for fuel and driver who will drive the vehicle back to Entebbe. If you want to avoid these charges revise your route well and make sure you make a circle back to the destination where you pick up and drop the car back there.

What kind of car should you rent?
In case you’re travelling sole, book a smallest vehicle possible, car size is tight here and the larger the vehicle the more expensive its, so that’ll give you favorable position.

For families, you’ll have to book at least a larger vehicle with satisfactory space for your luggage and your entire family member you travelling with.

Mini vans are available for family and groups they do have enough space yet remember they’ll be somehow difficult to part in the city and their prices are somehow high.

Reasons not to get a car rental in Uganda
There are several of things to remember when planning to hire a car in Uganda. The driving in Uganda can be a bit challenging for first-time drivers on the lift-hand side of the road. Add to that that, drivers here are not as cautious or thoughtful as in other modern countries United States, England and others. Some can just turn or leave the main road without any signal; they like to overtake even when it’s not allowed, and many destinations don’t have accurate road signs.

Nonetheless, don’t let you put that off you hiring a vehicle in Uganda – as self-driving is the best way that you can discover small and remote interesting destinations in the country and mystery spots that you can’t get to by public transport or bus. These are the main reasons we recommend you don’t hire a vehicle in Uganda:

In case you’re planning to get around the sand beaches in the country and would prefer not to do numerous day trips – why squander money on car rental and parking expenses?
In case your itinerary is just visiting old and busy towns and cities like Entebbe, Kampala or Jinja you’ll most likely be okay without a vehicle as looking for parking can be a bit difficult to get (particularly in Kampala and Jinja). The public transport network in these areas is reliable and a bit cheaper than hiring a vehicle.

Costs, Rules, and Extra Charges
Before you do anything with your hired vehicle, make certain to inspect it for any damage and ensure it is recorded. This is one tricky way some rental companies like make profit more especially in high season of the month!

A Mastercard is obligatory when hiring a vehicle in Uganda. The car rental agency will pre-approve your credit card for a security deposit so remember that in the event that you plan to use your Visa in the midst of a safari in Uganda.

You should be 19 years of age and above to get a rental car in Uganda unless you pay a young driver surcharge for your car rental and you should have a valid driving permit.
Keep in mind to refill the tank to the same lever you found it on the first day when you picked it before returning it. Or else you will be charged for fuel.

Some car rental companies in Uganda offer extra charges to travel across to Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania unlike Rental Cars Uganda Ltd and 4×4 Uganda Ltd who don’t have this extra charges when your cross to any country with their vehicles.

Automatic or manual?
Most car rental companies in Uganda offers manual transmission vehicles but in case you prefer automatic vehicles, you will need to book well in advance so that they can keep it for you.

Which lane is used when driving?
In Uganda, drivers are required to keep left when driving and overtake on the right. Most roads in Uganda more especially highways are in good conditions and well marked with road signs.