Safety tips for driving in hot weather conditions

Renting a vehicle for self drive in Africa is an amazing way to explore all parts of your vacation destination that travelers wouldn’t normally see. You will be able to visit most of the hidden attraction that only local people know about in light of the fact that it’s in remote areas where public transport don’t reach or because they are not highlighted on tourist maps.

Driving in sweltering weather conditions requires a lot of planning and preparation as in cold weather conditions. Ask anybody that lives in an extremely hot area and they’ll affirm that there’s similarly as many engaged involved high-temperature driving as extreme cold.

Generally, your vehicle will have been designed to work in extremes of weather. As long as it’s been well serviced, you ought to have no issues during your trip in the hot weather areas. Among the quick checks you can make every morning before you set off incorporate checking the gages and needles on the dashboard and visual inspection of the coolant levels under the bonnet. In the case of anything looks unexpected, raise the concern with the car rental agency before you continue.

The main concern you should have when driving in an extremely hot country is, what happens in case your car breaks down. The car rental company should ensure you know what to do in case of the car breaks down, but there are some things you can do so that you can be really ready even if case something wrong happen.

Ensure you have sunscreen – This must be on top of your packing list in case you planning to travel to a country with hot weather conditions and ensure you have good sunscreen. It ought to have a high factor rating with good UVA protection and be IN DATE. A lot of sunburn cause rankling of the skin, high temperature, sickness and dizziness. Good sunglasses and hats are among the must have things when planning to drive in a hot area.

Charge you’re phone and carry a charger – Being able to contact the car rental agency or emergency service in case of accident of breakdown is all the more essential when you’re at the side of the road and its heating hot outside. So better charge your mobile phone before you set off and even if possible carry a car charger with you and It’s additionally worth occasionally checking your signal strength so that you know where you were the point at which you were last connected.

Watch out for the fuel gage – If you’re hopping travel into the wild and beyond, odds are high that you will drive a long distance without finding a fuel station, so it’s advisable to fill your tank before you set off and even its better you carry some extra fuel in fuel jerry can for just in case you’re in new vehicle you don’t know how rapidly that fuel needle will drop after half-way.

Carry some drinks in the vehicle – Before you start a trip, get some bottles of water. Due to the fact that in Africa and some other countries they don’t drink tap water, you’ll find a lot of instances of water at the fuel station. Get a box and put it in the cooler box, you will save money compared to buying at the costly tourist hot spots, in case you wind up stranded in the middle of now where and miles away from help, at least you won’t be dehydrated as you wait for help.

Check the tires – A part from checking the damages on the tyres that could cause a puncture, check the tire pressure.