Spectacular Waterfalls In Rwanda

While Rwanda is famous for mountain gorilla trekking safaris, a visit to one of its most stunning waterfalls equally rewards travelers on African safari with spectacular views. For the most spectacular views, Rwanda features a number of waterfalls some of which include the following.

  • Rusumo falls

Rusumo waterfall is situated along River Kagera at the border between Rwanda and Tanzania. This waterfall come along with other most incredible ones especially Chutes Rusumo and Amazi Isumo. It features as the major waterfalls and they come with amazing history of the Rwanda people especially the Rwandan genocide of 1994. It is from Rusumo falls where most people who were trying to escape passed through as the dead bodies were clogged under the bridge. Amazi Isumo is amazing waterfall on its own way as it is situated in one of Rwanda’s coolest areas. This incredible area is also famous as the lonely planet. Despite its size, the waterfall is very powerful on its own way and it stands on its own offering romantic feeling for visitors on weekend gateway in Rwanda

The length of Rusumo waterfalls is about 15 meters and the width is 40 meters. These incredible waterfalls formed on Precambrian schists and quartzophyllites. Rusumo waterfalls make up the only bridging point on the River around that place. They were also the scene of the first Europeans who came to Rwanda around 1894 at a time when German count Gustav Adolf Von Gotzen met from Tanzania. He proceeded to the palace of the Mwami at Nyanza and to Lake Kivu shores. Belgians as well entered Rwanda through these waterfalls at a time they succeeded the country during the world war one.

The areas where the Rusumo falls are situated are well protected and there are several lodges and hotels which offer the best accommodation services to travelers on Rwanda safari. As well, visitors a wide range of activities that reward visitors with lifetime experiences. The most remarkable ones include mountain climbing and trekking which come also with breathtaking views of the gorillas. The surrounding areas also serves as the perfect site for camping experiences and several camping services which suite within travelers interests. Besides its incredible activities, the waterfalls offer the most outstanding views and the powerful thunder that you can’t hear anywhere in Rwanda.

  • Kamiranzovu falls

Kamiranzovu falls originate from the Kamiranzovu marshlands and they are found in Nyungwe Forest National Park, southwestern Rwanda. It features among the very few most incredible tourist attractions and for visitors on Rwanda safari this is one of the most perfect tourist sites that shouldn’t miss out in your travel plan. While Nyungwe Forest National Park is largely famous for its chimpanzee trekking adventures, visiting Kamiranzovu waterfalls equally reward travelers with lifetime experiences. These waterfalls come in two (2) sections, the lower section on huge rocks that is stunning site for one to take photographs and the second part is found in front of the falling water.

Hiking to Kamiranzovu falls require some physical wellness, courage and patience. The hikes take visitors through the tropical rainforest of Nyungwe National Park. It is situated about 10 kilometers off the starting point but the hilly sceneries cover some distance and they are moderately challenging and require sometime for one to get there. Kamiranzovu falls are found in distant areas compared to Rusumo and Thompson. The speed of these waterfalls varies depending on the season. This is mainly due to plenty of water in the jungles given the heavy amount of rainfall that is received for over 9 months in the course of the year.

Nyungwe Forest National Park receives rainfall despite of the season. Like most protected areas, a short briefing is always the first thing to be conducted prior the actual hiking adventures. The hike begins at the edge of the forest around the plantation and visitors follow various trails in the forest led by an experienced guide. Given that the weather pattern in this area is unpredictable, visitors are advised to come along with hiking boots, long sleeved shirt/t-shirts, panties, rain coats, hiking sticks and many more. Hiking through the waterfall rewards visitors with amazing views of wildlife and plant species. About 38 reptiles and 1068 species of plants thrive within the area and they all make up the overall visitor experience while on Rwanda safari. Besides spectacular waterfalls, you will also have a chance to engage in chimpanzee trekking.

In conclusion, Rwanda offers more than just wildlife safaris. If you are planning to travel to the Land of a Thousand Hills, Rusumo and Kamiranzovu waterfalls should be a must to include in your bucket list and you will be amazed by dramatic experiences.