Tips to Keep your Camper Tent Dry

Are you planning to go for camping and your tent leaks? Do you know what is supposed to be done? If you are interested in camping safaris in Uganda or any destination, make sure that your tent isn’t leaking. This at times has become a common practice and it is challenging as it spoils your experience. In order to keep your tents dry, the following should be done;

  • Know how to make a tent

How a tent is made matters a lot. Certain sections of material are sewn together to make a bigger section and that section is sewn together to make another section and others. There are holes left in the sections and these include the vents, doors and windows. They can be sewn together with other materials, mesh. The mesh and the tent material are also sewn together with a zipper. Some of the seams which were sewn together are then covered with heated adhesive tape and all seams are not necessarily taped. Heat taping is mainly to assist in stopping the seepage of water in case it rains on the tent.

Rooftop Tent land cruiser

  • Tent seam sealer

In case you do not need to become wet then the best option is for you to buy a tent with seam sealer. This features tube folks and not the type in a spray can. You can buy much of it as this can save you from frequenting to the shop or if you are purchasing online and you keep waiting.

  • Set the tent in the backyard

You can wait for days when it is warm in case you intend to camp outside. Luckily, the seam sealer is kind of adhesive and in case you are using it in unventilated places it may cause harm to you as it comes with toxic fumes like all adhesives. Take the tent and set it up in your yard and once it is set take a seam sealer tubes and begin sealing each seam of the tent.

  • Put a tarp well under the tent

To aid stop water and condensation in your tent, make sure that there is a ground sheet or tarp under your tent. This can be a shower curtain, vinyl tarp, footprint or floor protector made basically for your tent. The footprint usually acts like a barrier between the tent floor and the ground that will minimize condensation, assist with warmth and safeguard your tent floor from abrasions which later makes your investment take a longer period of time. In case you opt for a floor protector, never leave edges showing outside of the footprint of the tent.

  • Avoid sticky mornings by keeping vents open

In case you are camping during cooler temperatures do not close all the windows absolutely. You might be aware of the three (3) season tents where the whole roof is mesh so this won’t apply to you. In case you have a tent which you can absolutely zip closed, make sure that you unzip a window a bit or roof vent to let the hot moist air that you breathe to go out at night to escape so as to minimize higher chance of your breath, water vapor and condensing when it hits the cooler air and turning water attaching itself to the ceiling and the walls, only to drip down on you and things in the tent turn to be like rain. In case you follow the procedure of seam sealing your tent prior each camping season, your tent will certainly last a bit longer and keep you dry always.

  • Sleeping pattern

The most significant consideration when it comes to camping safari is basically using gear which will aid you stay as dry as possible while you are enjoying your sleep. So make sure that your sleeping bags are made of synthetic materials rather than maximum warmth and dryness and make sure that you elevate your sleeping bags to help you stay dry.

  • Set up of the tent

If you are planning to set up your tent, make sure that you get a driest site to pitch the tent. Get a level ground, firm but still soft enough to drive in your stakes. The higher the campsite the better to keep you dry and camping around tree provides a natural protection but you have to be keen otherwise for any heavy down pour and in case the ground becomes weak and the tree falls. Avoid pitching a tent next to rivers, lakes, or ocean where water level can change any time and when choosing a tent make sure that it is waterproof.

In conclusion, establishing a dry campsite won’t only safe your tent but also your equipment. Ensuring that your tent is dry allows you to stay warm as you enjoy your camping experience. With the above listed tips, we believe that you will keep your tent dry at all times while on camping safari in Uganda or any destination of your dreams.