What to Expect in 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Safari Vehicles

Recently I have been only talking about how to hire cars in Uganda, how to find good rates, how to know a dependable car rental company in Uganda, but today I have come up with a different topic. In this article am going to draw for you a simple picture of how 4×4 safari vehicles look both outside and interior so that you can know what you should expect in a vehicle once you choose to take a self-drive safari in Uganda and Rwanda.

Renting 4×4 vehicles in Uganda is the main target for most car rental companies because most roads heading upcountry and to most remote national parks and other tourist destinations are in bad conditions. So most rental car companies choose 4×4 safari vehicles to enable their clients to enjoy a trouble-free and successful road trip. All the safaris cars provided by most of the rental car companies in Uganda are 4WD. To we are going to start with a Toyota Land Cruiser that is customized to be used on African game-watching safaris.

Interior of Safari Vehicle

The most used vehicle on Uganda safaris is a Toyota Land cruiser hardtop, this replaced the Land Rover defender which was commonly used in recent years. Now when you organize a self-drive trip to Uganda and choose to use a land cruise, these are some of the features you should expect. When you specifically request for a vehicle to use on safari, the company will recommend for you a 4×4 safari land cruiser specifically customized for moving in bad and rough African roads. They are very strong and they have fair fuel conception and these cars have extended and large space presented by extended seating and arrangement. These safari vehicles are customized with a large pop-up to enable uninterrupted wildlife watching in Uganda Savannah parks like Queen Elizabeth National, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, and many others.

The pop-up roof on these vehicles allows a direct of different wild animals and take uninterrupted photos while in-game drive in the many national parks in Uganda. The clear viewing windows offer good viewing even when tourists are seated.

These vehicles are air-conditioned and come with battery recharging facilities, so you will never suffer from the tropical heat and even your camera or mobile phone will not shut down because of low battery while you are upcountry.

These vehicles can carry from 5 – 7 people who can sit comfortably with large leg space and the seats are dressed with clean cushions which are fitted with well-fixed seat belts and the outside of the vehicle features colors that are eco-friendly.