Why 4×4 Uganda Ltd is the best Car rental Company in Uganda

4×4 Uganda Ltd is a car rental company operating in Uganda and been in service for 19 years since 1997 making it one of the leading and oldest car rental companies in the country. Through our experienced staff, we are happy to help you with all your travel need to Uganda and our staff is knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions on how, when, and where to travel in Uganda. Hiring a car from 4×4 Uganda Ltd is the best choice you can make when hoping to make a self-drive trip to Uganda or when you’re making a business trip to Uganda. We have all types of cars starting from economical cars to the super-luxury vehicles all available for hire on both self-drive and even they can be given out with a driver.

At 4×4 Uganda Ltd we take time among first priorities we make sure that our clients save time in the way that we put everything online so that our clients can access our service and even get knowledge about the destination they are going to travel to before even coming. All the pepper work is done online so that at your arrival at Entebbe International Airport you will be welcomed by a representative from 4×4 Uganda Ltd to hand over the car and you start your trip.

All over cars are well serviced, with air conditioners and they are all comprehensively insured. We also provide GPS to clients if requested at a very affordable rate of $5 per day.

Our fleet consists of all types of vehicles aimed at giving our clients a variety of choices to choose and we deal with all types of people and if you tell us your budget we can’t fail to get for you a car.

We have over 500 cars in different models in our garage and for sure you can’t fail to get one fitting your budget. Among the vehicle we have to include; Toyota super customs mostly used for group or family travelers, Toyota Rav4 mostly used by budget travelers and it carries 4 passengers, Toyota Premio, and other types. For adventure travelers for example those hoping to travel upcountry to explore Uganda tourist attractions, we provide safari vehicles for them. These vehicles are well customized for a game drive in all national parks and even we can book for them suitable accommodation in the park and also we can organize their self-drive itinerary to the most interesting safari destinations in the country.

On special requests, we also provide experienced drivers who have been on the driving job for a long time and are well knowledgeable about the country because they have driven in it from their childhood.

The most interesting and amazing thing most of the clients love at 4×4 Uganda Ltd is that we offer unlimited millage – whereby the client is given a car with no limitation on the miles he/she can drive a day. Just they only have one condition which is, the client is not allowed to drive on the main highways at night.

If you’re planning to spend your next holiday in Uganda, this time try to make a self-drive trip because you will be exploring the country at your own pace and the steps for doing a self-drive trip are simple.

  1. Choose a destination to visit in Uganda
  2. Prepare your itinerary well and know the number of days you want to spend in the country.
  3. Contact 4×4 Uganda Ltd on Email: info@4x4uganda.com and tell them about your travel and book the vehicle with them. OR Call +256 772 561508 and talk to the expert to hire a car in Uganda
  4. The last step is just to fly in the country and you will find a representative of 4×4 Uganda Ltd at the Airport to give you keys for the car you hire and then start your trip.