Why not start your safari to Africa with mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Are you anticipating having a safari to Rwanda then visit the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in volcanoes National Park is the perfect place for you to begin your safari? Rwanda is one of the three nations with these magnificent rare primates. There are many gorillas in Volcanoes National Park so come and participate in gorilla trekking and feel the amazing experience of interacting with one of man’s closest relatives. Mountain gorillas have 98% of human DNA. They can feed their young ones like people, build construct home where they always sleep.

As you track mountain gorillas you will have a very fascinating and narrative story of the behavior, the historical backdrop of mountain gorillas in the park from the ranger guide which really makes your trip very informative and memorable experience.

In case you still have some time to spend in the country, after gorilla trekking you can opt to go golden monkey tracking in the same park – Volcanoes National Park. These are unique species of monkeys that can’t be easily found in any other destinations. In other words they are additionally endangered species that are at a danger of getting extinct on the planet. So they are worth a visit before they become history. It is truly amazing as you travel through the bamboo forest searching for these monkeys. Still in this park you can also visit there Dian Fossey tombs.

A visit to the local community can also compliment your gorilla tour in Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda as you get graced with taking an ethno plant science tour where you encounter the local herbs and plants and furthermore the local pharmacy of which you may find patients undertaking treatment. You can likewise visit the Iby’iwacu cultural village where you will learn more about traditional way of life of the people of Rwanda, like grinding of sorghum and millet on the grinding stones, riding a wooden bicycle and some more.

A tour around the Kigali city is the best way to end your gorilla safari in Rwanda as you can visit the national museum, the genocide memorials, Kigali market center where you can buy things like shoes, cultural clothes, bungles, bracelets other things that you can take home as souvenirs.