Why you should hire self drive vehicle during Festive Season

Festive season is near and long leaves and tour plans are being solidified. Below are some reasons why you ought to try self drive instead of using a public means transport or a driving your personal vehicle.

Crazy transport fares: During the festival season, bus operators make fake scarcity increase tickets charges overlay during the festive season. Just imagine a one-way ticket to your home village used to cost Ush25000 under ordinary days, same trip could cost as much as Ush50000 to 60000 during the festival season of December and January because there are many people going back in the village so the demand is high. Assuming you’re like 4 that is to say you, your brother and some friends a travelling and taking the same direction let’s say, your all from Kabale and your taking a round trip that would cost about Ush400000 only one way, at less than that price you can hire a Toyota Rav4 which can carry 5 people at around Ush130000 per day and you travel at your own convenient time take the route you want and even when you reach in the village it will be easy for you to visit different neighbors without worrying for transport. Now isn’t that a smart way to travel?

Exhausted drivers: Regular bus drivers, taxi drivers, have a tendency of making extra shifts during the festive season, trying to use this advantage of many passengers to make more money. This implies less rest for them and thus, increased risks of accidents on the road. So I think it’s a good idea if you avoid using public means and you drive off yourself because you will not have to rush and you can stop anywhere to stretch up.

Flexibility: When booking a bus ticket, it need you to indicate a specific traveler name and also you stay fixed on a specific destination at a particular time and day, but if you hire you’re a self drive car, you can leave home at any time and reach where you going at anytime you want because when you hire a vehicle from most car rental companies Like 4×4 Uganda Ltd or Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, the car is brought to a day before your starting date so that you sleep with it and examine it thorough before you start your trip. So if you don’t know who precisely will join for the journey or where precisely to visit or when precisely you can start the excursion, self-drive is the perfect option as it gives flexibility to modify your plans on the go.

Beat the traffic jam: With a self-drive vehicle, you can save time and beat traffic jam in following ways;

Most buses in Uganda leave Kampala between 9am to 12pm, during which most streets in the city are congested and jammed, by hiring a self drive vehicle, you can arrange your trip perfectly so that you can leave Kampala early enough like 5am when traffic jam is much less, saving you valuable hours overall.
Additionally, you can use the less travelled streets, for instance most buses are known to take direct routes yet there is some shortcuts you can use and dodge morning traffic jam in the city.

Stay away from city center and specifically hit the highway by taking bus means traveling to the city center. You can easily spend 50% of your trip time reaching the bus station and keeping in mind that the bus tries to reach the expressway! With a hire vehicle you can avoid passing in the city center and reach the highway directly without passing in the much traffic jam which is always in the city center in the morning.

The vehicles are being taken fast. Book yours now and enjoy the freedom of a self drive tour with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd through direct email on info@rentalcarsuganda.com or filling the contact form on https://www.rentalcarsuganda.com!