Top Reasons why you should hire a car instead of buying one

How does it sound to drive your favourite car without buying it? Good, isn’t it? These days Ugandans are doing away with hassles of owning cars and choosing an economical and intelligent option. Here are some of the top reasons why self-drive is a perfect choice.

1. Many Ugandans buy over 1.5 million cars every year, and they use it just 20% of the time. But, they end up paying the full amount of EMIs, insurance and maintenance costs. All these expenses can be avoided, just by hiring a car for self-drive instead of buying one. Because when you hire a car it comes when it’s fully insured and services.

2. 4×4 Uganda Ltd offers you over 50 car models to choose from. There is Toyota Premio, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Noah for simple self-drives around the city, 4×4 wheel drive cars like Toyota land cruisers, safari vehicles, Nissan Patrols for self-drive when travelling upcountry where the roads are in bad conditions, they also offer luxury vehicles like Mercedez Benz when going on a date with the loved ones.

kampala-jam3. This increasing population in the city and the dearth of parking space poses another huge problem. Since almost all the people working in Kampala has cars, this has created a very big problem whereby during rush hours (early morning when people are going to work and evening hours when people are coming from work) whole the creates get filled with traffic jam. This could be reduced if someone only hires a car when he/she need it, like when travelling upcountry, week getaways among others. We need self-drive as an urban mobility solution to make Kampala city clean and calm.

4. A vehicle is a depreciating asset. Does it sound cool to you to invest your hard savings on an asset that is not going to reap any returns yet you can contact 4×4 Uganda Ltd and hire a car just in 20minutes? We think not.

During those rush hours, your vehicle will become a burden to you, because you get trapped in a traffic jam when you don’t have anywhere you can leave it. Yet if you just hired it from 4×4 Uganda Ltd you can just call the office at any time and they can send you some who drive the car back and you can get an easy means to reach work or home early like hiring a motorcycle (bodaboda).